For those times when enrolment demand exceeds capacity, we provide Site Resourcing in the form of skilled, experienced and trained staff.

When you find sites that can attract and enroll patients, but are research-naive or need increased staff to meet your enrolment demands, Accellacare Site Resourcing can make the difference.

We provide strategic insight to develop customised support solutions, specific to your site and study. Our services are scalable, flexing with the needs of each site for part-time or full-time resources. With 77k+ highly qualified candidates across 60+ countries, we can fill your staffing gaps with the following experienced clinical research professionals:

  • Clinical research nurse
  • Clinical research coordinator
  • Clinical trial educator
  • Site manager

We work with the sponsor and the site to identify and select activities to be performed on-site or remotely. The types of activities we can help with includes (but is not limited to):

  • Database review, patient identification and recruitment assistance
  • Pre-screening/screening activities- including administration of subject informed consent (ICF)
  • Data entry / query resolution
  • Nursing services, including biological sample collection, patient observation and assessments
  • Drug accountability, compounding, dispensing and administration (blinded and unblinded)
  • Study systems input and utilization (IXRS, EDC)
  • Study file management
  • General administration

Our on-boarding process is designed to collaborate with site staff without added burden, providing oversight and management of the resourcing solution and maintaining reular communication and reporting to the study team. We remove the administrative burden of sourcing, vetting, time reporting, coordination and resource training, while still allowing the clinical research staff to become fully integrated into your site team.